Delicious Flavors at Ryu’s Kitchen

//Delicious Flavors at Ryu’s Kitchen

Delicious Flavors at Ryu’s Kitchen

Today was our second time visiting Ryu’s Kitchen, a local Korean restaurant that opened this past fall here in Fort Wayne. I can already tell that it’s going to be one of my favorites. The décor is cheerful and bright, with colorful walls and attractive wooden tables that give it an inviting atmosphere. Every table was full throughout our entire visit, yet somehow things flowed perfectly and I never noticed anyone waiting for a seat. Though the restaurant was busy, our waitress was friendly, cheerful, and attentive, and she showed a genuine interest in her customers. All of these things alone would have made for a pleasant lunch, but let’s talk about the food.

I love food with flavor. Especially when the chef knows how to combine varied tastes (such as savory, sweet, sour, and spicy) harmoniously. Whoever is cooking in Ryu’s Kitchen knows how to do this with flair!

We started off with Vegetable Spring Rolls. You can order appetizers by the individual piece, so it would be easy to sample a variety if you wanted to. The Spring Rolls were crispy and fresh tasting, and the dipping sauce that accompanied them was flavorful. We ordered the special of the week, BiBimbob, which was a bowl of perfectly cooked rice with slices of beef, carrots, zucchini, and sprouts topped with a fried egg. It was served with a delicious sauce that I believe is called Kochujang sauce, which was full of spice and sweetness. We also enjoyed the Garlic Chicken, a plate of tender yet perfectly crispy-fried pieces of chicken breast accompanied by a delectable sweet garlic sauce. On our first visit we also had tried the beef Bulgogi, and it was hard not to order it again. However, faced with a menu full of mouthwatering choices, I knew we needed to branch out. Bulgogi is a Korean BBQ dish made of thinly sliced meat that is marinated in soy, sugar, garlic, and sesame oil, among other ingredients, and at Ryu’s it is simply delicious.

We each ordered iced Honey Plum Tea, a delicious and healthy tea made from green plums. It was fruity and sweet, but not overly so, and there were delightful pieces of plum at the bottom of the glass. I also saw Misu tea on the menu, which is a beverage made of traditional Korean grain powder that is supposed to be quite tasty, healthy, and filling. I’ve made a note to try it the next time we visit.

Some restaurants have one or two dishes that keep me coming back for more, but I can tell after just two visits that this is going to be one of those restaurants that I have to keep returning just so that I can try everything on the menu. If you have not yet tried Ryu’s Kitchen, you are in for a treat. The restaurant is friendly and accessible and above all a treat for the taste buds. I’m not privy to their recipes of course, but all the meals we have enjoyed so far appeared to be made up of fresh, good quality, healthy ingredients, and we left feeling satisfied and refreshed.

In case you’re wondering, and you should be, Ryu’s Kitchen is just north of the corner of State and Hobson at 2461 Hobson Road (near Fred Toenges). It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00am-2:30pm for lunch and 4:30pm-9:00pm for dinner.

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