Why You Need a Good Chef’s Knife

Sometimes the shear amount of chopping required in a recipe is intimidating. Often we shy away from recipes that include lots of fresh veggies because we’re concerned about the amount of prep time needed, and sometimes we just aren’t sure how to deal with a particular vegetable so we skip it entirely. The key is to start with a good-quality chef’s knife. A chef’s knife is a good multi-purpose workhorse that functions well for the majority of your chopping/dicing/slicing needs. [...]

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Santa Fe Chili

For my first recipe post I feel it’s only appropriate to share the first recipe I ever developed. I created this hearty, chunky chili years ago before I ever thought of studying natural cooking. It’s been my winter go-to recipe because it is easy, healthy, warming, and delicious. Plus, it’s snowing this morning, so a steaming bowl of chili sounds incredible! It tastes best if it is left to simmer for a while and I think it’s even better the [...]

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Flavors of Home

Welcome to Flavors of Home! My name is Tina Burson, and I am a natural chef, lover of food, mom, and avid learner, explorer, and traveler. Here I will combine all of my passions into a fun, flavorful exploration into the world of natural foods. Join me as I share delicious recipes using healthy, minimally processed foods; time-saving ideas to make your time in the kitchen more productive and fun; tidbits on healing properties of foods; a sampling of [...]

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