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Welcome to Flavors of Home! My name is Tina Burson, and I am a natural chef, lover of food, mom, and avid learner, explorer, and traveler. Here I will combine all of my passions into a fun, flavorful exploration into the world of natural foods. Join me as I share delicious recipes using healthy, minimally processed foods; time-saving ideas to make your time in the kitchen more productive and fun; tidbits on healing properties of foods; a sampling of [...]

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Brazilian Chicken Curry

If you haven't already noticed from the rest of my recipes, I am a big fan of the one-dish meal. Because of this, I am especially drawn to curries from around the world. When most of us hear the word curry, we generally think of Indian food (and I do love Indian food!). However, many other countries around the world eat curries, including Thailand, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Jamaica, and the Caribbean. Very few curries actually contain "curry [...]

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The Italian Connection

Tucked away off the beaten path is one of Fort Wayne's best-kept secrets - The Italian Connection. I had heard of it in the past, but I had never taken the time to visit. So this past Friday night, we headed off to find it and see if it was as good as all the reviews claimed. If we hadn't known what we were looking for, we never would have noticed the small, nondescript building along Taylor in an older [...]

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Gluten-Free Zucchini Breakfast Muffins

These muffins are my go-to breakfast when I want something other than eggs that's fast and doesn't contain large amounts of sugar. As written, the muffins require purchasing quite a few different types of flour, but there's a work-around I'll share later. I like to buy the flours, then measure out all my dry ingredients for the muffins into jars so that it's quick and easy to make more. The buckwheat and almond flours make these muffins very hearty and [...]

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My Easiest Meal Ever

I've had a super busy week. I had to pull off all sorts of shortcuts to keep everyone fed, the house clean, and work done. So I fell back on an old standby that I happened upon a few years ago that always works in a pinch - Sausage and Peppers. I'm not sure where the recipe is from or what it was called originally; I picked it up in a British magazine while we were living in Qatar. It's [...]

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Slow Cooker Tomatillo Chicken

I love to make one-dish meals. I can pack together a ton of healthy ingredients in no time at all (with very little cleanup). Then to be able to top it all off by allowing the meal to cook hands-off in the slow cooker – that’s hard to beat. The flavors in this one are unique. It hits all five taste receptors (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami) in just one bite. It’s high in protein from the chicken and [...]

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Delicious Flavors at Ryu’s Kitchen

Today was our second time visiting Ryu’s Kitchen, a local Korean restaurant that opened this past fall here in Fort Wayne. I can already tell that it’s going to be one of my favorites. The décor is cheerful and bright, with colorful walls and attractive wooden tables that give it an inviting atmosphere. Every table was full throughout our entire visit, yet somehow things flowed perfectly and I never noticed anyone waiting for a seat. Though the restaurant was busy, [...]

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Moroccan Chicken Tajine

I have never been to Morocco. It is on my list of places I want to visit. When I think of Morocco, what immediately comes to mind are fragrant spice markets. I have had the opportunity to explore several Middle Eastern spice markets and taste Mediterranean cuisine from several different countries, but the food from Morocco is different and unique from any other. For anyone who loves the taste of spices, especially a blend of sweet and savory, Moroccan cuisine [...]

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Thai Curry Chicken Soup

Many of us look at January as the perfect time to start eating healthier. We just ate our way through December and we're feeling a little overstuffed. I don’t know about the rest of you, but after Christmas and all the treats I indulged myself in I’m ready for some healthy, nourishing meals to start the New Year off right. It is also extremely cold outside right now, so nothing sounds better to me than a bowl of piping hot [...]

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Ground Beef and Veggie Meal Builder

I recently experienced a very busy time in my life. I had returned to work after several years at home with my son and found myself trying to squeeze everything I had done before into a fraction of the time. One area I refused to compromise on was feeding my family home-cooked meals, which necessitated I come up with some shortcuts. The one I’m sharing today is simple and very versatile. It’s an easy base for so many different meals. [...]

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Eating Healthy, Whole Food

I love to cook with real food. Most foods in their whole, natural, unprocessed state contain important macronutrients and micronutrients that help support the body and its processes. There’s quite a bit of discussion and differing opinions about which foods are better to eat and which are better to avoid. Some people are committed to a Paleo diet, others are vegetarian or vegan. Some are focused on superfoods, others like to combine foods in certain ways. I pull from all [...]

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