Eating Healthy, Whole Food

//Eating Healthy, Whole Food

Eating Healthy, Whole Food

I love to cook with real food. Most foods in their whole, natural, unprocessed state contain important macronutrients and micronutrients that help support the body and its processes. There’s quite a bit of discussion and differing opinions about which foods are better to eat and which are better to avoid. Some people are committed to a Paleo diet, others are vegetarian or vegan. Some are focused on superfoods, others like to combine foods in certain ways. I pull from all of these schools of thought for different reasons, but one common thread throughout seems to be the use of food that is minimally processed and nutrient rich. Also, because of the elimination of the plethora of unhealthy ingredients we seem to depend on in SAD (the Standard American Diet – and yep, it’s pretty sad), any number of these eating styles will improve the health of their followers in creative and delicious ways. While I don’t adhere to any of these in their entirety, I find that I can use bits and pieces to give me a large repertoire of healthy, whole recipes.

Ultimately I like the idea of the things that I put in to my body having a function that makes me healthier. I can even envision the nutrients absorbing and then scattering about to do their jobs to keep me feeling my best. I’m providing my body with good fuel rather than loading it up on toxic stuff it’s going to have to battle to eliminate. Plus, when I find quality ingredients and take a little time to be intentional with their preparation, food simply tastes delicious!

The biggest hurdles most of us face with this type of eating are our time constraints and our (or our family’s) aversion to trying new things. I consider it my mission to find a way to overcome these challenges and do my part to make healthy, whole meals accessible for everyone.

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